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  1. Bookworm
    Stories4ever / Sep 06 2020 17.41

    Hi everyone,

    I have started a thread for anyone who wants to, to share their coming out stories. I think this would be really helpful for a lot of people who want to come out but aren't ready yet or are unsure how. The coming out stories can be about sexual or gender identity, or any coming out story you have. You could even share the coming out story of someone you know if you would like.

    Thanks so much if you share your story - it would be much appreciated 😊

  2. Flower
    14Butterfly13 / Sep 20 2020 22.08

    i actually came out to both my friends (1 is bi, 1 is lesbian) after one said she got her first girlfriend. im really lucky to have such good friends but im not ready to come out to my family yet( they're homophobic)


  3. Mute
    littlealien / Sep 21 2020 17.33


    I first came out to some of my friends whilst discussing crushes. They asked loads of questions but they were ok with it. Then one time I was sitting next to my girlfriend in assembly and these boys made a stupid homophobic joke and my gf just turned around and said to their face that, yes we are a couple and we're gay and they should get over it. After that it spread around my whole year group and I was bullied for it but I try not to hide it. I just tell people I'm gay and if they have a problem with that then too bad. I only recently came out to my parents. I wrote them a letter explaining everything. I told them about the science behind being gay and that I plan on adopting kids when I'm older and other stuff. Luckily they are ok with it and now I don't need to hide it from them. That's my story and I wish everyone good luck with coming out and everything else.


  4. Childline Avatar
    Temporary27932993 / Sep 21 2020 22.01

    i have only come out to two of my best friends but it was really boring.

    i had the perfect opertunity come come out though.

    i told my bi friend that i played girl in red to my dad in the car and he liked it. she said maybe hes gay. and i should of said hes not the gay one 😳

    lamo i wish i did that

  5. Newbie
    closetedthespianlesbian / Sep 27 2020 15.46

    So I came out as questioning to two of my besties a few weeks back in a completely unrelated conversation. i just remeber needing to get it off my chest, so i was like 'g u y s i m i g h t b e g a y' they were all right with it and it was quite uneventful, although now if we ever talk about future partners we never say boyfriends anymore (we're girls btw) we just say whoever i will date which feels really nice 😁. but my parents and other friends are quite homophobic so i'm not coming out to them yet. coming out doesn't always have to be a big deal. i'm really shy so i wouldn't want it to be. hope this helps someone else!

    love, N

  6. Bookworm
    Stories4ever / Sep 27 2020 19.20

    Thanks for sharing some of these stories by the way! I am glad I started this thread!

    Coming out stories can be both 'boring' or 'uneventful' and still be inspirational and special. I hope all of you feel a little lighter and are being accepted! I am still waiting to come out to my friends because none of them are like best friends, and so I am worried word will reach my parents, but I know that I am happy to wait a while before I tell anyone.

  7. Childline Avatar
    Teapig / Sep 30 2020 17.34

    I came out to my mum at nandos teehee :)

  8. Coolcat
    Lanie- / Oct 04 2020 17.46

    kind of a "boring" one but you know those vans shoes, the red and white "i love girls i love boys" on the side? yeah well today i saw them and i was like "yes". Technically im omnisexual demisexual but it falls under the bi umbrella I think so close enough. I tried them on and basically just said im buying these so no one will ever ask my preferences again (yes im strange 😂) and my mum just said "cool" and then i bought a rainbow pair too because i love shoes (also they were RAINBOW 🌈 so I didnt really have a choice) I hope anyone planning to come out is having a great day (well anyone non homophobic really) and that it all goes well! :)

  9. Childline Avatar
    RainbowNoodles / Oct 06 2020 23.13

    Hi! I came out to most of my friends and they were all fine with it! I also came out to my mum and she was a little bit shocked at first but now she's ok with it.


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