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  1. Spiralling
    Jessyyy9 / Sep 05 2020 22.15

    heyy, hope you’re all okay! i care for my dad who has a muscle problem (a bit like motor neurone disease (stephen hawking)) and am a young carers, my brother is too. however, at the moment i am helping my dad whenever i’m not at school, and i’m doing my homework when i should be asleep or at lunch in school. i pretend i enjoy helping him as my dad refuses help. this is fine and i don’t mind really, what i do mind is that my brother is literally just on the xbox or his phone when i’m helping my dad, and he doesn’t care. my mum had recognised this but doesn’t do anything. any advice, it’s got be really sad a lot and doesn’t help my mental health thank you!!! xx

  2. Sheep
    FluffBallBobble / Nov 15 2020 22.32

    aw sry that sounds hard

    maybe try talking to your brother about it?

    I'm sorry this is late, how's the situation now?

    J x


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