1. Outcast
    anonymous12514 / Sep 03 2020 22.55

    i’m so hungry but i can’t eat anymore. i hate myself. i want to be skinny like all the other girls. i feel like it will make me happy. i want to be normal. i want people to like me and not be forced to like me. i hate myself and the way i look, so i just can’t eat. i can’t and i don’t think i want to

  2. Graduate
    bonkerbananas123 / Sep 05 2020 14.10


    I was in a similar position to you. Let me tell you, being a different weight really does NOT determine how happy you are, I promise! I have anorexia and I am being honest here that it makes you feel unhappier as you feel never good enough and it makes me sad that many others feel the same way too.

    I highly recommend that you speak to your parents or someone trusted about this, my friends first picked this up and told my school and they then called my parents about it. I have now got the support I need from my ED team and CAMHS. You deserve support to get that horrible voice out of your head telling you not to eat because you DESERVE to eat just like everyone else! I promise x

    I know this all seems scary but you'll thank yourself later down the line, I am in a much better place now knowing I have a support bubble of people around me and you should ahve that too! Even if it is just a teacher at school for example you can speak to. School can maybe help you with supervised meals etc and speak to you by counselling etc

  3. Childline Avatar
    Temporary00873836 / Sep 07 2020 12.12

    The person who replied is completely correct. i reached my goal weight yesterday and today i am brutally miserable. the best thing to do it to try and find control or a way to be skinny from other places (not purging or lax, i mean healthy eating) try not to get obsessed because thats dangerous and look put for yourself x


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