Wanting to be loved for who I am

  1. Contemplator
    Deepthinker18 / Sep 03 2020 21.37

    this is a poem i wrote when i thought the person who’d eventually love me should know who i am....i wanted this poem to be happy so i havent mentioned my dark side...yet...but i have tried to explain my passionate and curious self....hope you’ll like it

    U wanna love me?

    First get to know me?

    I am a girl with dreams and a woman with ambition

    To change the world is my sole mission

    I have deep wounds, some visible some not

    I am a like a tight piece of thread tied into a knot

    At times, I’ll say whatever I feel

    But more times than not, my lips will be sealed

    But don’t treat me like a fragile piece of glass

    Or like a bomb about to explode

    Coz I have an armour of steel and brass

    And a heart not easily showed

    So to get to know me, simply ask

    And I’ll slowly remove my mask

    Have you ever asked about the stories behind my scars?

    Or the names I’ve given to those deadly yet magical stars?

    When I make castles in the air,

    with the help of stones and bricks and a lil bit of flair

    Have u ever stopped to wonder

    From where I got those stones & bricks, a whole blunder

    If u have then ask and I’ll tell you

    that these are not really new

    that they were thrown at me with the sole purpose to puncture my heart

    Instead they formed a beautiful piece of art.

    Art that allows the light to come in

    Even when darkness forms within

    When I tell you about the characters I’m in love with

    or the stories that aren’t just myths

    Listen and you’ll find that they’re parts of me

    Deeply hidden so no one can see

    no one can see so no one can judge

    And I can continue to live in my world of chocolate fudge

    Coz I can fly in the air, swim through the oceans

    And love beyond anyone’s notions

    I am a power to be reckoned with, a fire ablaze

    I don’t want to live in a world that’s so unfazed

    And so I don’t.

  2. Contemplator
    Deepthinker18 / Sep 04 2020 21.26

    this is the rest of the poem...

    I live amidst the stars and form constellations of my own

    And constantly endeavour to seek more unknown unknowns

    I have conversations with the moon face to face

    And We’ve promised to love each other in all our phases

    In my books, the pressed flowers

    present me with an euphoric shower

    A shower of memories forgotten

    And stories left unwritten

    Which I’ll probably not complete

    until it becomes obsolete

    I like to consider myself as enigmatic

    But don’t you dare treat me like a mystery waiting to be speculated

    But treat me as if I’m magnetic

    and u are the piece of iron that’s found its home

    I don’t need space, the universe has enough of it

    What I need is for you to let me be me

    with little bits of you

    And I promise to let you be you

    with little bits of me

    And from those bits we’ll slowly create an us

    Which trust me will be more than enough

  3. Childline Avatar
    Temporary64438800 / Sep 09 2020 10.58

    wow that is really good

  4. Contemplator
    Temporary64438800 / Sep 09 2020 10.58

    wow that is really good

    Deepthinker18 / Sep 10 2020 20.46

    Aww...thanks a lot!! I’ve just began to get into poetry (even tho I’ve loved reading since i was like 4 or 5 maybe😂) and that too slam poetry, tho i haven’t found a platform yet. Anyways, do you read poetry?


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