SO nervous for back to school

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    Florall / Aug 31 2020 21.31

    Hi! So, I am soo scared to start school again. I don’t have many friends or stable ones at least or even a stable friend group so I don’t know who I’ll be hanging out with. I see so many girls from my school having tune with friends but I don’t have stable ones or barely any. I am also nervous because of the workload we got in quarantine which made it harder to motivate myself to actually do the work that was being set daily so it went slightly down hill and I landed myself with 8 overdue maths lessons and many other lessons from different subjects. I only have 4 days left of holidays and I don’t feel as if I am prepared or can complete these lessons . I have so many more worried but the top 2 are friends/friendships and my appearance(especially hair ,makeup stuff like that) any tips?


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    Mathswiz / Aug 31 2020 22.32


    My advice, is:

    Friendships - Maybe lockdown etc has changed friendship groups, so you could find that you are able to be friends with someone you weren‘t friends with before, or you might get a more secure friendship with those who you are already friends with.

    Appearance - Your appearance doesn’t matter. Look how you want to look, and don’t worry about what other people think of you. You shouldn’t need to wear make-up or do your hair a certain way, just because of what others think of you, but if you feel more comfortable like that, and your school allows it, then go ahead, but remember that everyone is beautiful just the way they are.

    Overdue lessons - My advice for this, is to do what you can, but don’t overdo yourself. If you aren’t able to get it all done, then just be honest with your teachers, tell them that the workload was too much for you to cope with, and they should be fine with that.

    I do hope that my advice was helpful, I hope you have a good last few days of your holiday, and then are able to settle back into school smoothly.

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    AmbR17 / Sep 07 2020 20.58

    Hi i totally understand you. I have two different groups of "friends" that have been so horrible and mean. They have been criticising me like my dad has but thats not the point. Try and talk to people you know are people in your classes because they may share common interests. The work doesn't matter as long as you did your best. Also, how many lessons have your teachers said "we haven't got enough time for this today" etc. please don't worry and good luck at school. I really hope you are okay!


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