Struggling to get to sleep

  1. Childline Avatar
    9876541 / Aug 25 2020 2.25

    I love sleeping, but when it comes to it I get scared that I'm alone. So I have to put some sort of video on in the background so I feel like I'm surrounded by people. I don't like doing it though because it kind of gives me headaches sometimes but every time I try to get to sleep without it, I start thinking of all the negatives and my mind wonders to scary places but I don't know how to sleep without feeling like there are people around me. I just want to be able to sleep peacefully and not stay up watching youtube or wondering what will happen to me if my future. If anyone could that would be great thank you ❤❤

  2. Bookworm
    Stories4ever / Aug 26 2020 21.33

    Have you tried an audiobook? It means you can still listen to voices and get stuck in a story without staring at a screen.

    You could also listen to ASMR, you can download it/play it and just not watch the screen.

    I do both of these things and it helps me sleep when I can't. It's totally normal to get headaches from screens, and it's only going to keep you awake if you stare at them before sleeping. Hope this helps you.

  3. Newbie
    Reading-Bug / Aug 27 2020 19.12

    Some people just stare at the bedroom ceiling until they have to go to sleep that's my advice but I believe Stories4evers advice might be better for you. Would you mind to try both?

  4. Wallflower
    Dolphindreams / Sep 05 2020 11.27

    When i was younger i used to feel like that and sometimes i was really scared of the dark. i found it easier to sleep if my mom was watching television downstairs so i could hear voices an audio book is a great idea. I think the problem is that you arent relaxing and you keep focusibg on the fact that you feel alone. maybe you could picture something good that happened that day? or maybe think of a place you feel really comfortable in and imagine that your there.

    hope this helps xx


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