A man made me uncomfortable today

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    Hazel22334 / Aug 21 2020 23.35

    so today i decided to leave my house for a walk alone (i am 18 years old)

    a man approached me (probably in his late 20s) and started talking to me and i really didnt want to talk to him but i didnt want to be rude, so i was polite and responded with the bare minimum but he didnt leave me alone. i just didnt feel entirely safe but he wasnt being agressive or anything. maybe i could have replied less- for example he asked if i had been away and then i asked him whether he had, too

    he asked for my number and i didnt want to give it to him but he had seen i had a phone and so i gave him my number - i was considering giving a fake one, but im glad i didnt as he checked and called me to make sure i gave the right one. it just made me so uncomfortable. eughhh. i have blocked him now, though. also, he was standing way too close and i didnt like that especially with coronavirus. i was trying to turn my head away as much as possible. but i was scared to say something especially as he was a lottt bigger than me. looking back on it, if i were to repeat today, i would have said sorry i have to social distance, i just didnt realise how far he would walk with me and that the path would get narrower etc. i feel so stupid. but i know i was feeling very uncomfortable and i keep trying to remind myself of that. i did what i could i suppose

    it just makes me never want to leave my house. a few months ago something else happened when i was out too, but i dont want to talk about that now. it just all makes the world seem so overwhelming, and makes me feel so stupid, like why couldnt i just say to him to leave me alone? i dont know.

    i did manage to get away by asking him where he was going and then saying i was going the other way

    i’ll try to learn how to deal w/these situations better :(


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