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    Temporary15426678 / Aug 13 2020 12.50

    when i was 13 i got into a relationship with a 14 year old boy.

    the first time we met up he was very touchy with me like touching my chest and genitals. i thought it was normal at the time but i'm not sure anymore. i didnt know what was happaning.

    when i went to the bathroom on the second time he followed me in and locked us in the disabled bathroom. he touched me in places. i did not tell him to stop because i thought that was normal for boys to do. he then started to take of my cloaths and then did it with me. i did not stop him for previos reasons.

    now three years later i know it was wrong. what can i do?

  2. Burying
    RainbowOstrichBrownie / Aug 13 2020 16.33

    That was sexual abuse, because you were both underage and you didn't give consent. I don't think you'd get into trouble for it, because it was his fault, not yours, and you didn't know it was wrong at the time. Don't worry about it - it was 3 years ago and none of it was your fault. You might be able to phone 111 (the non-emergency police number) and tell them what happened, if you know the boy's address or somewhere he goes or something like that about him. You might not want to tell on him, though, so it's up to you. It was a while ago, but he still did a bad thing to you and he might get into trouble. It's your choice. I hope this helped.



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