Favoured brother causing sleep difficulties

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    Cheesemonkey12- / Aug 09 2020 21.43

    i cant sleep at night, but ive been kept up to midnight with my brothers youtube and videogames.

    im really tired and i can get super hormonal (ahh the joys of puberty) and i keep having meltdowns, and i get in trouble for this.

    i know a nights worth of sleep would help and i desperatley need it and want it.

    last night it finished at midnight per usual but, he watches action movies and stuff but not james bond like john wick and stuff and theres alot of screaming in it. so when i get to sleep all i hear in the back of my mind are gunshots and screams which affecf my sleep, and ive been having night terrors and waking up every other hour. and i get up at 6:00 to go to the gym, meaning i have like 4 hours nights sleep (really not healthy i know) and i keep telling my parents and he has no excuse he literally has amazing sound proof headphones that can go wireless and charge in less than an hour. my parents dont believe me though! ive tried recording it but you cant hear anything, i just want a nights sleep someone please tell me how i can prove to my parents this. they think im just like this cause of puberty and that im over reacting and im just crying right now its so stressfull.

    please! please! someone help!


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