Sleep, stress and bullying

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    chickenandmushroompie / Jul 31 2020 15.34


    I’m 12 and I usually go to bed at 07:00 but because I have the option now kind of, I can’t sleep before 12:30. I stress about so many things and have symptoms of anxiety, I’ve thought I had anxiety for 2 years now. I built up the courage to tell mum and she said “everyone feels anxious right now”. I keep overthinking the past. I can hardly feel any emotion sometimes. I started to watch more shows recently and watched bully’s trap people on the wall. A boy did that to me at school before all this started and he is always rude to me and teasing me. I don’t know how cope with all this. Can people please give me some advice.

    Philippa x

  2. Sheep
    Spongebob203 / Aug 09 2020 16.00

    Hi Phillipa,

    Im twelve and I sleep badly and very irregularly too! it used to be worse before but at least in covid time I can sleep in if I need to catch up. I often sleep around four hours, some days ten hours its just crazy! The reason I sleep so little is because whenever I cant sleep I go on electronics or something. Also do you mean you go to bed at 7 am or 7 pm, cause if you go at 7 am then thats pretty odd (no offense!) I am usually in bed by midnight. sometimes 1 or 2 then I wake usually up at 3-5 am and usually write my story or go on youtube or go on childline even somtimes. Then on good nights I sleeep again after 7ish and wake up at ten or so, but on bad days I cant and I just get up or stay in bed writing my story or youtube. Basically I dont sleep well either! I think your meant to have like a routine that you follow for bed and I have that but Im not sure its a very good one.

    Also if you think you have anxiety then you should tell someome, It looks like hour mum dismissed it, Im sure you can get to childline for advice on email or 1-2-1 or call, only tell her if your sure she wont hurt you, I dont know what your mums like but yeah. I hope you tell someone and you feel better soon! Have a nice day,



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