Mood swings

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  1. Small
    mabinogion / Jul 29 2020 9.10

    i dont know if this is just a normal part of puberty, but im 17 now and never used to get mood swings apart from when i was in year 6. basically for like the past two years i often get really intense mood swings or feelings like something really mild could happen like my sister just pokes fun at me or someone's facial expression and it just sends me and i either end up extremely angry to the point where i really want to hurt myself or someone else or i get upset but feel really low and want to also hurt/kill myself low. is this normal? i know mood swongs are normal but this feels a bit extreme for normal puberty lol

  2. Burying
    PandaPig123 / Aug 06 2020 10.08


    I know what you mean I had that.

    You could try talking to someone about either a real person or a 1-2-1 chat on here.

    when you feel like this you could try a stress ball or old sock filled with something squishy to stop you trying to hurt yourself.

    You are amazing please stay here with us.

    sorry if none of this helped and I wasted your time.

    hope you are well

    A xx


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