I can’t sleep

  1. Spiralling
    Fishchipsandpeas / Jul 28 2020 22.00

    so the other day i posted on here and asked if i was being bullied i found out i was.

    this has relly had an affect on me and now i cant sleep no matter what i do i cant get comfy, my pillows to hot/cold it lasts all night i think its because im anxious about telling someone that im being bullyed.

    not haveing any sleep has started to affect my mood its relly anoying.

    dose anyone have any advice on how i can get to sleep!!!!!!

    thank you


  2. Small
    eg2004 / Sep 24 2020 22.46

    hi tilly! im so sorry to hear that you’re getting bullied.

    maybe at night you could find a podcast or audio book to listen to if you have a phone or soemthing you could listen to it on. you could also listen to rain sounds on your phone as they can sometimes help people sleep. if you dont have a phone to listen to things on you could try and picture certain things in your head to distract the axiety like for example plan out what you would like your house to look like inside when youre older.

    i think it may be a good idea to tell somebody you are getting bullied as it will take a massive weight off your shoulders and as soon as you have told somebody the anxiety will die down and you will get to sleep better :)

    erin x


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