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    Aicha081 / Jul 25 2020 13.57

    Hi i’m an 11 year old girl and recently i’ve felt like i really want a boyfreind. I’m pretty embaresed to admit this and i know its weird but i was wondering if its normal and this is happening to anyone else?


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    ILuvChicken / Jul 25 2020 22.55


    I am 12 and a boy but i still understand exactly how you feel. Its Very very common and I feel the exact same as you do so dont worry its very normal but dont do things you think you aren’t ready to do just because others do them.

    Stay safe,

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    Temporary27557373 / Jul 26 2020 17.35

    its oki to feal that way! dont be worried just make sure your safe and do it for u no one else

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    Hazer1 / Jul 26 2020 18.40

    Hi it might be better to post this kind of thing in the relationships section as this is more of a sex and sexual health section not a relationship section

    Hope this helped


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    Loui029 / Aug 08 2020 23.09


    I know how your feeling, I’ve grown up never wanting a bf while all my friends had them and then when i got to middle school and was about your age I started feeling like i needed and wanted one (I’m 16 now) and its completely normal but was very strage to go from feeling one way to a completely different one. But you need to do what is right for you and if you feel you are ready for a bf then get one and if not and its just a niggiling feeling then don’t just see what feels right for you. hope this helps.

    Louise xx

  6. Superstar
    Gymqueen213 / Aug 12 2020 10.42


    im 10


how i feel

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