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    SunsetHeights / Jul 23 2020 22.16

    Hey, I'm Amy. :)

    I used to struggle so much with falling asleep; listening to slow music never worked, making the room colder or darkening the lights didn't work either, but a while ago I finally managed to come up with my own way of settling down. This may not be for you, but hopefully this helps someone. ^^

    On most nights, I like to just make up scenarios in my head with my favourite characters, and get completely lost in the story. By doing this, you're not thinking of anything else, so you just fall asleep without warning. ^^

    Something else I did, while going through a really bad patch in my life to the point I couldn't sleep at all, was - I know this sounds silly - but just imagine a flower seed in a green field. Keep your focus on the seed, don't look around or add in any extra details. Don't let the seed bloom, either, just keep everything still. If any thoughts pop up in your head, immediately push them away and go back to focusing on the seed. It's very difficult to push away memories and thoughts when you're not focusing on anything, which is where this seed is useful - you're focusing on it, so you can ignore other things. It might take a few nights to get the hang of this, but you can definitely do it! This helped me quiet my mind and fall asleep really quickly. :)

    It doesn't have to be a seed - it can be a river, a rainbow, the night sky, anything you like, as long as there's not too much going on.

    Whitenoise in the background can be really helpful too, especially partnered with what I said above. Things such as the gentle patter of rain, the quiet hum of a machine, a fan, anything that's therapeutic to you. ♥

    I hope this at least helped somebody. I hope you're all okay and manage to sleep peacefully. :)

    - Amy 🌸


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