How to start over ?

  1. Childline Avatar
    Temporary71612211 / Jul 23 2020 2.58

    so when i was younger i was abused by a family memeber at the time we bothe didnt know it was wrong but after when i found out and told him that it was wrong and i didnt wanna do that stuff anymore i was sexually assaulted in my sleep he begged me not to say anything and me at the time him being the only person that understood me i believed him.But it messed me up for years i have felt there is something wrong with me not just because of that experience but of others but it all started with that experience and the abandonment of my father.i feel like am crazy because i cant talk to a boy or do anything without feeling triggered or paranoid i feel like i always have to be in control all the time of my thoughts and situations and i just feel like nobody is listening to me or that nobody understands i just want to know why i cant stop feeling the way i feel coz its no way to live

  2. Flower
    14Butterfly13 / Jul 27 2020 20.55

    remember that there is nothing wrong with you and that its not your fault. dont rush yourself into anything you dont feel comfortable doing. if you like someone , explain to them your level of comfort (if you want) and they should understant and if not theyre probably not a good person. you are not crazy. you are strong and you can get through this. i believe in you❤️

  3. Heart
    Nessyquick / Jul 27 2020 22.00

    Me too. You’re not alone. Trust me, it took a long time to realise everything.


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