do I have depression?

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    Temporary91185255 / Jul 15 2020 23.11

    Ive been like this for nearly a year now, I have only just been able to admit to this. I think that I have depression. I dont have the energy to do anything at all. People think depression is just about being sad but for me its not. I dont really have a great family or friends so thats why I think i couldnt admit it earlier. I feel lile over the months, ive been getting that sad that it just drains all of the energy out of me. Somedays, I cant even get out of bed. I really dont know what to do, how do I find out if I have depression?

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    mabinogion / Jul 16 2020 8.05

    if you want to find out you should see a doctor as they are the only people who can diagnose you and there are a lot of physical illnesses with the same symptoms of depression, this definitely sounds like depression tho.

    i hope you feel better soon x


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