Family Vacation

  1. Childline Avatar
    greywhite / Jul 15 2020 21.25

    i was around 8-9 and we were on a family vacation. my dad told me to go get something from my uncles hotel room. i knocked on the door a couple times until he told me to come in. when i walked in he was naked on the bed and he kept smiling. i stood there for about 5 minutes in complete silence til my dad came to find me because i was taking so long. he walked into the hotel room and we haven‘t spoken to my uncle since.

  2. Flower
    14Butterfly13 / Jul 27 2020 20.58

    you are so strong and i hope that you are all well . ❤️

  3. Burying
    RainbowOstrichBrownie / Aug 12 2020 18.15

    Wow, that must have come as quite a shock! It's good you've stopped talking to your uncle.


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