Gender dysphoria

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    Wispa123 / Jul 15 2020 16.22

    hi, does anyone have any advice for gender dysphoria, i want to be a boy and am transgender

  2. Bursting
    SpaceAlien / Jul 17 2020 0.19

    Hey Wispa123, I think a binder may be helpful to relieve some of your dysphoria:

    What is a binder:

    A binders function is to flatten a female chest to appear more flat and masculine. This helps relieve dysphoria a trans person my have about their chest.

    Wearing a binder:

    The experience of wearing a binder, getting it on and off is probably the worst of it. Just get over your shoulders and pull it down and very thing should be compressed evenly. But if somethings feel uncomfortable just rearrange things to feel more 'natural'. You should only wear a binder for maximum 8 hours a day, if worn for a long time (for example 10 hours), you may experience pain with your ribs. You should also never exercise in a binder because it restricts your breathing, light running like in p.e. is fine, just no proper exercise. During the summer you will get a bit warmer whilst wearing a binder so make sure you take some breaks during the day.

    Where to find a binder:

    You should only buy a binder from a well know / tested binder company, like gc2b. As their binders have been made to comfortable and reliable for trans people.

    How to clean a binder:

    I clean my binder in my sink with warm water and normal dish soap. You show wash and rise a binder 3 times to make sure it's completely clean. After washing just put it on a hanger in a place to dry. Do not attempt to put on a binder if you or the binder are still damp.

    If your parents are not accepting:

    As my parents told me they wouldn't allow me to get a binder, I went to my friends for help. They used their card to order and I gave them the money back. And I got it delivered to their house so my parents won't know. I would advise that you don't wear a binder around parents as to not raise suspicion about the lack of a female chest.

    Hope this help

  3. Childline Avatar
    Wispa123 / Jul 17 2020 18.25

    thank you for your reply

  4. Wallflower
    NoahTheTransGuy / Jul 17 2020 18.50

    Hi. I’m Noah and I’m also ftm. You can also bind by using a sports bra as you can put two on top of each other if you’re unable to get a binder. However, the same rules still aply as wearing an actual binder. My other advice is to wear baggy clothes, hats (this is suprisingly useful for making yourself look more masculine), and shorts from the boys section (if you can). These are more summer themed ones due to the season and weather but during colder days and winter wear hoodies. I’m pretty sure every trans person has a dysphoria hoodie which just covers everything.

    That’s all the advice I have so I hope it helps!

  5. Childline Avatar
    Wispa123 / Jul 18 2020 15.40

    thank you, that does help

  6. Lion
    FurryInTheBlackSuit / Jul 18 2020 20.18

    Hello! I too am an FTM and despite being closeted, I do have some tips (sorry if these have already been said).

    If you are able to, you could be able to get a binder (gc2b have some good ones). Please bind safely, only bind for 8 hours as a max and do not wear the whilst exercise and sleeping. If this is not possible, baggy clothing such as hoodies and help with making your chest looking flatter.

    I would also recommend getting an undercut if your parents are okay with this. It may help you see yourself as more masculine. There are some apps that can help you do this as well the internet being a good source for hairstyles.

    I hope this helps you. Good luck with the rest of your life. :)

  7. Loser
    Wispa123 / Jul 15 2020 16.22

    hi, does anyone have any advice for gender dysphoria, i want to be a boy and am transgender

    Not-qt-Jasper / Jul 22 2020 23.22

    Hi im Jasper, im also FTM, i used tape until now i wouldnt recomed it but it does work.


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