Depression and suicidal thoughts.

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    NaijaBaby28 / Jul 14 2020 22.11

    Hi to whoever sees this,

    Been dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts for a good amount of months now and I decided to get help. To cut a long story short I’m having a meeting with the pastoral care team at school and I don’t really know what to say. Any advice? I feel like it would be quite hard for me to open up especially in person. Has anyone had one of these and would be able to give some advice on what to expect?

    Keep safe and thank you.

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    George234 / Jul 15 2020 1.54

    ive been to many in the past. but ur actually doing an amazing job opening up to people and getting help. you should be incredibly proud of yourself. now as for the meeting it'll all be fine just don't worry and open up at your own pace. it was hard for me to at first but now ive got an incredible group of family and friends who help me after i told them how i felt. to cut it short you deserve help and you're brave to talk about it. hope it goes well

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    xbUbBleZx / Jul 15 2020 20.23

    i used to go to meetings like this what helped me was writing down what u wanted to say

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    Not-qt-Jasper / Jul 23 2020 0.19

    Im starting to see the school counsller when i go back in september


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