Angry over BLM

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    NotPikachu22 / Jul 14 2020 20.01

    Hey, you've most likely heard about what's going on with BLM and stuff and I want to share my feelings to see if others feel the same.

    Imagine feeling like you're just going along with life having a few interests here and there being an anxious teen and then having something that you feel so strongly about that you feel it's the only reason you live and feeling the most strongly about something you ever had in your whole life and you see people getting hurt because of it and everyone disagrees with you and doesn't understand the way you do and you know you're right but the more people who tell you "all lives matter" "it's just a trend" "you're too young to understand" "he was a criminal" the more you doubt yourself and get even more upset and feel you're the one in the wrong but there's that one stubborn part who says no you're right and you just get angrier and angrier and begin to trust people or voice your opinion less than you already did.

    I feel like I'm the only one who's right and when I have discussions about this I get EXTREMELY defensive and angry especially if someone disagrees. The last few months I've just felt this utter rage building up inside me and it won't go away. Sometimes I can express through listening to music but I just want to rip my hair out and scream.

    I've had a lot of dark thoughts too, I've wanting to hurt others for disagreeing with me.

    What is this and what do I do?

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    alttearnative / Jul 15 2020 4.53

    i understand how you feel, wanting to fight for what's right even though it feels like no one is listening and the world is against you. I'm here for you and i see you. I stand with you and i know how frustrating it is to see people stop fighting for black lives matter.

    its a lot of pent up anger and having a lack of some way to release it. I'm not too sure, but maybe finding some way to get out your want to hurt people through a punching bag or some other form. I'm so sorry to hear ur struggles tho. Keep ur head up king/queen/nb icon and continue to fight for us :)

  3. Small
    mabinogion / Jul 15 2020 8.07

    honestly, its probably because you actually care about people. my family oj my dads side is racist and completely disagrees with BLM and i feel like screaming at them everytime i end up arguing about it with them because they dont care and they use a lot of manipulation tactics in their arguments like saying that me and my sister were "taking out our anger on our family" and referring to it as something we were passionate about in the same way as a hobby. i completely understand it is infuriating. id say throw the whole people away but i feel that wouldnt exactly work 😂

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    Temporary78903 / Jul 25 2020 0.23

    same tbh during this time i havent been able to grasp and fathom how people can be so cruel i will never understands racists but im here for u and we will fight together for whats right. i get annoying boys messgaing me all the time when im simply advocating for black lives on my ig but we have to ignore them because this is for our kids, this is for us, we cant keep living like this. stay strong bb xxx


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