Being a boy with long hair

  1. Gamer
    A383JLl / Jul 13 2020 0.18

    Hi everyone

    I’m 16 and I’ve always been a boy. Until I started secondary school I always had pretty long hair which wasn’t nornally as far down as my shoulders but sometimes it would be.

    After having short hair for a couple of years I’ve not had a single haircut over the last year now because I’ve just decided I want to have long hair.

    The thing is for me it just feels right and it feels like the way I want it to be. But when I was a lot younger and started growing my hair I wanted to because I wanted it to be like a girl. I used to also feel more like a girl and I would get my mum to buy me girls stuff sometimes. This was all when I was a lot younger though.

    I would also make friends with girls when I was younger and today about half my friends are girls.

    I’ve also been feeling gay at times but a lot over the last months.

    All these kind if LGBT related things about me are probaly the cause of me wanting to grow my hair into a short ponytail now.

    But the worries about that are how my single dad will feel and how basically everyone will feel about it. And I’m joining a new sixth form or college (I don’t know what I’m doing in September yet) in September and I don’t know whether they’ll even allow it.

    The thing is I really don’t want to cut my hair and I might face difficulties in the future as a boy/man with long hair especially when trying to get a job and stuff like that.

    So I wanted to post this to be able to have a place to talk about it

  2. Bursting
    SpaceAlien / Jul 13 2020 22.27

    Hi, you sound like quite a feminine lad. If you feel comfortable with he/him pronouns but like having long hair, liking feminine clothes/things and have many female friends. You may just be a lad who like conventual feminine things. But if you feel like you are a girl, you should try it out and if you find out it's not for you. That's okay. It's normal to experiment with gender labels, I did too. If you want to reach out to me to talk about anything, I'm completely open! Ace - they/them


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