friends being ‘fake’

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    Temporary82876744 / Jul 12 2020 20.41

    Me and my friends have a group chat and sometimes they send things like making fun of someone and I don’t know who the someone is and we’re all close but when they send these things sometimes I don’t know who they’re talking about I don’t reply to it but I im starting to think it’s about me .theres 7 of us and surely they would’ve told me and I would’ve know and laughed too but I literally have no idea and my gut it telling me it’s about me but then they’re all nice to me either they’re being really fake behind my back and nice to my face or it actually isn’t about me .someone help me out

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    Radagast-The-Brown / Jul 13 2020 22.30

    I can't really give you much advice but I sort of know what you mean. I'm in a group of friends, mainly because I'm actually friends with one of them who hangs out with the rest of them, and our group chat is exactly the same. I am 100% sure that they talk about me behind my back but tbh I don't really care. They're not bad people really it's just as a group it seems that all they have to do is making fun of each other and other people. I'm not very close with the group and only spend time with them because my one friend in the group does.

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    Borrowed567 / Jul 15 2020 23.45

    as bad as it sounds, unless you have other people to stick around with besides them, i would stay with them until you find some more real people to hang around with. worrying about some people talking about you if they still actually talk and interact with you is better than being lonely.

    slowly distance yourself from them and find better people to hang around with, but that is pretty sad to be honest. people used to do that to me constantly, what they did in the end was just add me to a group then they would make another and just not say anything.


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