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    beetrootrun123 / Jul 11 2020 11.58

    Hello I'm looking into getting a binder, (i'm ftm)

    My circumstance is that i don't have a credit/debit card to pay anything online with, but i can get amazon gift cards and buy things on amazon.

    My Mum is coming to terms with me being trans, she's becoming more understanding and we're going to get my name changed next year when i'm 18 and stuff like that.

    I've been having a look at the underworks brand on amazon, I'm aware of unsafe brands. they don't seem to have (underworks) a nude colour which is a bit disappointing but i was looking at the black ones. I'm not sure whether I should get one, because i'm scared i'll get the wrong size or that getting a black one isn't the best option.

    what should i do? the price doesn't bother me


  2. Bursting
    SpaceAlien / Jul 11 2020 23.39

    Hi, I think I have some info that you could use:

    Where to find a binder:

    You should only buy a binder from a well know / tested binder company, like gc2b (they have nude colours) and underworks (they have swimming binders). As their binders have been made to comfortable and reliable for trans people.

    How to clean a binder: (just incase you didn't know)

    I clean my binder in my sink with warm water and normal dish soap. You show wash and rise a binder 3 times to make sure it's completely clean. After washing just put it on a hanger in a place to dry. Do not attempt to put on a binder if you or the binder are still damp.


    For chest size, you should measure all the way around your torso (measure around your back and fullest part of your chest).

    For shoulder size, you should measure your shoulder (point to point).

    If your chest and shoulder give you two different sizes (for example: chest - X and shoulder - M), you should get the larger size as to not damage your chest.

    Hope this helped Ace - they/them pronouns


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