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    AnimeAndEllie / Jul 05 2020 13.24 a 13 year old female named recently, i have noticed that my bladder is very weak and i constantly, daily, end up peeing myself...I think it may have something to do with me always holding my pee in at school as you arent allowed to go to the toilet during lessons...i have tried pelvic floor exercises but i dont think they are working at all- how do I train my bladder and why is it so weak? another problem i have encountered is that i have been getting random orgasms without even touching ill just be sat down and when i stand up i feel it in my pants...its all sticky? and i dont know why...i never seem to feel it happen, i just see it when i go to the not sure if it is an orgasm...i think it may be cum? but im not an expert at this kind of stuff...please help me!

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    Hazer1 / Jul 05 2020 15.02

    Hi I'm a boy so can't really answer the second part but about the first part some people do just have very small bladders speak to a doctor as they can help and also if your wetting your self a lot then try wearing some drynites or goodnites as they can help to catch the pee (although they look a bit like diapers but are very discrete) and you can wear them at school so u can pee when you need to in class (instead of holding it in )and then just put a new one on at break or speak to your teachers about your problem so they know about it and can let you go to the loo they can't stop you going to the loo if you need to

    Hope this helped


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    mabinogion / Jul 05 2020 16.56

    regarding the second bit, it could just be discharge, which is usually nothing to worry about and might mean you will get your period soon. im not really sure on much for the first bit, sorry, unless youre like severely underweight and thats what is causing it im not sure what it could be x

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    Cheesemonkey12- / Aug 09 2020 21.51

    the second part is 100% discharge so dont worry! if its white and sticky or looks a bit like a yellow stain thats normal, if its green tho call up a doctor and tell your mum/dad. You may have to consult your mum or doctor about the peeing yourself it could be something serious (better to be diagnosed early if it is) but it might be a vitamin defficiancy so dont worry! and in school talk to a teacher about this (they wont judge you dont worry) the teacher will then give you special permission to go out of class if people talk just say youd rather not talk about it, the teacher will take care of a pupil who decides to go against your wish to keep it personal.


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