Good days are to come

  1. Newbie
    Mentalwelfarematters / Jun 28 2020 20.37

    i am putting this post out for anyone who feels that they are going through a tough time and they need support. the main thing to remember is that good days are to come no matter how bad the situation you will come through you just have to persevere. i know that it is easier said than done but it will be worth it. when you are having a really tough day tey and think of any positive it can be anything a good exam result to the fact that you have a pet to hang out with the main thing is stay string good days will come the ine good thing about hitring tock bottom is there is iinky one way to go thats up 👍🏻👍

  2. Bursting
    Blackcurranticecream / Jul 08 2020 17.15

    hi thanks for this i really need it

  3. Newbie
    Mentalwelfarematters / Jul 17 2020 15.01

    no problem i have recently been through a down spell and i lnow how hard it is glad my advice helped


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