1. Spiralling
    Abbs03 / Jun 23 2020 3.24

    So lockdown has been difficult. i have sepration anxiety and depression so being away from the people that motivate me and make me happy has bee tough. But i also needed it. i needed to be on my own and think and jusy be myself. i needed to show myself that listenong to my depression is a bad thing and that i can be okay on my own. But, recently, i just had this feeling. like it wasnt emptiness or longing meaning. it was more i dont feel like im living anymore. i feel like im just there. and the only time i dont feel like that is when there chaos. like my both my neighbours dogs broke into the house the other day and it was quite funny to chase them around and get them out. but i need chaos around me constsntly to live. its gotten to the point where im writing movies and getting lost in my ideas to create chaos but it doesnt work well. i just dont know what to do


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