Body image and boys

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    Temporary82876744 / Jun 10 2020 22.54

    So , I have size 36G in breast size and I absolutely hate it , I’m not exactly the slimmest girl at 12stone and 5’3 , girls with a flatter chest always say they wish they had my boobs but honestly I wish i didn’t have them . I don’t even know if boys like big boobs (as big as mine anyway) cus on tiktok I always see girls with big boobs getting mocked in the comments and it’s so confusing. When I was 12-14 I got way more guys interested in me and I have no idea why I was much uglier then now at 16 I don’t even talk to 1 boy and I see my friends have boyfriends and have already lost heir virginity’s I feel so left out and I just want a boy to show an interest in me I feel like I’m missing out on so many teenage self esteem is so bad I had two panic attacks the other day just thinking about how much I dislike myself and idk what to do anymore I just got an exercise bike for my bday and if that doesn’t work idk what to do .i need help .i need validation from a boy

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    Starr- / Jun 11 2020 17.39

    I know how you feel, and sometimes it can seem like you need validation from others, but that isn’t necessary! People loving you can be great for your self-esteem, but loving yourself should come first.

    When you’re having a panic attack, try to take deep slow breaths and go into another room by yourself or with a close friend or someone you trust. If you can, listen to some calming music.

    If you’re worried about your weight, you can try to exercise a bit more or eat healthier, but be careful to not overwork yourself or starve yourself. As for everyone around you being in relationships and life experiences, not everyone has the same experiences at the same time and it’s ok to do certain things a bit later.

    As for the boobs... I don‘t really have much to say other than everyone is different, everyone has different sized boobs, and human diversity is beautiful!

    I hope this helped.

    xxx Lily


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