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    Elliemae1307 / May 29 2020 3.01

    hey guys,im 13 and i was wondering if anyone knows ways to help me sleep ive been stayinng up all night for a few nights now. ive been well tierd and idk what to do about it 😐its 3am at the minute and i cant get to bed, i have tried everything but when i finally do get to sleep i wake up about 30 mins later and i dont know why. ive tried talking tovmy dad about it but he says its just because of my phone ☹️

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    maryceleste / May 29 2020 10.13


    I'm sorry to hear you have problems sleeping, but if it helps I do too. Are you maybe stressed out about something like schoolwork, friends etc. etc.

    I know it's probably hard convincing your Dad it's not your phone and you really do have problems sleeping. I have had problems sleeping for about a week now. Sometimes I have my light on because I am doing something to calm myself down so I can sleep and then my Mum wakes up and tells me to go to bed.And it does not help telling her I actually can't because she just tells me to stop having a bad attitude. I now only have around 45 minuetes of sleep at the time and then I wake up for 3 hours then go back to sleep again. I have a few tips for you. Have you tried just doing something to calm you'r nerves. Like reading, or doing something that you find intresting. I log into Childline and go to message boards because it ditracts me from my problems. It could also be Ensomia ( do not worry, it's nothing serious.) My Mum had it and she had to take something for it. Or if you preffer not to, maybe just make some tea or something and accept the fact that you are awake. I am sorry if this didn't help. As it was half tips, half complaint.

    Hope you sleep well soon!

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    Tigergrl / Jun 30 2020 18.51

    Hi guys, I end up getting to sleep late to, thansk for your advice!


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