going crazy!

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    starships456 / May 27 2020 7.37

    so i have literally a reversed sleep schedule. i stay up all night and sleep at about 10am, till 7pm. some nights i wake up earlier, but mostly 7 or later.

    ive gone into another depressive episode and i literally feel like im going insane. even my friends were asking whats going on.

    im struggling to eat really bad. i was in and out of sleep for 2 hours today, started at 5 and woke up not long ago. but woke up a few times inbetween. i would have slept earlier, but then i wouldn’t have been able to fall asleep.

    all i do now is play xbox. yeah thats bad, but i really need help. im scared im going literally crazy because of it, i feel like a pyschopath


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