Baby siblings

  1. Butterfly
    Sofia06 / May 22 2020 11.12

    Hello everyone, Recently, my baby brother passed away. We don’t know how, or why, and it’s all so confusing. I’ve been through a similar experience with my other sister (she was an identical triplet, the only one who survived) so I thought it made me stronger, but this just reopened an old wound. Has anyone else been in this position? Any advice? It’s really tough, but now we have three angels watching over us 👼🏻👼🏻👼🏻❤️

    S xx

  2. Heart
    Babe23 / May 22 2020 13.37

    I have been in this situation with some of my family members. Just try and stay strongg as much as you can and hopefully you can get the support you need

  3. Sheep
    Actimel-203 / Jun 18 2020 19.22

    I had my baby cousin died, but not a sibling. I am so, so, sorry it must be so difficult. I dont really have any advice because its different for everybody. I send so much love!! xxx.

  4. Childline Avatar
    Nate-Hi / Jun 26 2020 20.33

    Theres a possible answer to it.

    Have you heard of sudc? If not Its sudden unexplained death in children.

    Hopefully you found this helpful


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