I’m big.

  1. Coolcat
    mythicalchickpeacan / May 16 2020 9.58

    I’ve always been a big child. I was a chubby baby, chubby toddler, chubby kid, and now chubby teen. I am broad and wide at the hips. I have been and always will be bigger than all my slim friends and family. And sometimes it doesn‘t bother me but now it’s really getting to me.

    Lockdown has ended up causing me to gain 1stone, and my BMI says I’m heavily overweight - which isn’t true as I’m broad so therefore I’m going to be bigger, especially being short, right?

    Well, this weight gain has made me feel like starving myself and I just want to get rid of all this weight quickly and efficiently because I am so scared about going back to school and having to do P.E in short, tight “skort” and then wearing my school trousers that’ll be too tight.

    It’s making me give up on life. It is really hurting me now. Please help :(

  2. Nose dive
    Idktbhidk3 / May 22 2020 12.35

    Hey , I get that its tough especially when theres always those slim “perfect” people on social media , i sadly have to wear skorts too and i hate my weight , my friend says im underweight but i think im big . please dont starve yourself , if u want to be thinner then find a healthier way to do it . starving yourself can have big negative impacts on ur body even if u just want to lose weight . Please dont starve yourself .

    sending hugs xx

  3. Artist
    Yeesha-the-bi-cow / May 22 2020 21.49

    hey, im going through something similar, i currently reaaly big and i went thriugh a phase were i purposefully ate less, but please domt do that it jut made me ill. i find it hard because like you im also very broad and all the girls in my class i slim, skinny, flexible, pretty, everything inwant to be and i cant stop comparing myself.

  4. Childline Avatar
    AnnonoAJ / Nov 15 2020 18.06

    hey im big too and i hate it and i really hate my life been like this but you not allowed to give up and don't starve yourself my mum spoke to me about that and not eating builds up more fats so my mum explained to me if you eat like a piece of ham or something on a morning and then one for dinner and then have a small tea and do small work out sessions and going for walks will eventually help you loose weight but dont starve yourself because that doesnt help and it just makes you really ill

    sending hugs xx

  5. Coolcat
    cozyblanket / Jan 23 2021 22.41

    Hi bby!

    I am also trying to lose weight! And I have found that exersising and healthy eating is the best way forward, but try to cut down on takeaways and fizzy drinks and stuff. DON'T go on a no-carb diet thingy, and never, never stop eating that is almost the worst thing you can do. Body positivity, though. Definately the hardest of the two, but Just stay calm when it feels bad, and just remember that you are on the path to being the best you you can be, stay calm and remember that you are beautiful and amazing.


    Mia Xx


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