Sleep paralysis is horrible

  1. Bursting
    Mashed-potato / May 15 2020 12.22

    Ever since 7 months ago I have suffered from sleep paralysis and nightmares.

    So basically sleep paralysis is when you wake up suddenly (normally in the middle of a nightmare) and you can't move at all

    It's really scary because I keep seeing scary things from my dreams.

    The worst thing is that you can't scream or anything.

    The doctors say it is normal for my age but I really feel like it isn't as I am 11 and nearly 12.

    If you have experienced this please give be advice.



  2. Bookworm
    ArtistPoet / May 19 2020 10.32

    i also have the same problem as you and i am also the same age as you. i have nightmares lots and my parents tell me to stopworrying and think of something nice before i sleep. i always take ages to get to sleep as all i think of is that dream.

  3. Bursting
    Mashed-potato / May 19 2020 12.24

    ArtistPoet, thanks so much . I will try your stratagy tonight. I hope it works!


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