Family Argument

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    Temporary85466917 / Apr 28 2020 13.06

    Me and my family are pretty short tempered and so we usually have arguments. Not so long ago, our neighbours moved in next door and I'm pretty sure they dislike us already because of the shouting. The arguments have been pretty bad this month. This week, me and my dad had this massive argument. He said, ''That's it. That's the last straw. I'm done trying with this friendship, I don't want to be friends with you.'' I've been crying for hours and he won't even let me apologise. I haven't been sleeping that well and so I have been stressed out a lot- especially with home-schooling. Me and my dad used to be so close when I was little, I don't know what has happened.  I really love my Dad and I don't want to have this relationship with him.

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    kangy23 / Apr 28 2020 18.45

    I really agree with your issue. Me and my family always argue over the smallest of things, I feel like my mother only shouts, she never seems to use a normal voice, I haven't heard her be nice to any of my family members in a long time. I have tried my best to make my family work these past years but no matter how hard I try, my parents keep on shouting, especially my mother. Me and my little sister are sick to the back teeth of all the uncontrollable shouting and we really think it is starting to mentally affect us quite considerably. For instance, my mother shouted at me a few hours ago about how I never listen to her, the real reason why I don't is because I dont want to, this is due to her getting angry pretty much 24/7. But the annoying thing is that she blames us (me and my sister) for not listening when then she doesnt let us speak and says "I DONT WANT TO HEAR IT" and she is a complete hypocrite. I always feel like I am defending my sister from my parents and that puts a lot of pressure on me, and it doesn't help because I struggle with anxiety and stress problems and I always feel like something has to be said or it won't stop. I really want some help with this similar situation and I am not sure how to approach it. Considering we share the same problem, I believe we, and many others, would benefit from some advice and help. Thank you for reading my reply.

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    harveyyy1 / Apr 30 2020 13.36

    I feel really bad hope your ok xx

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    harveyyy1 / Apr 30 2020 13.36

    I feel really bad hope your ok xx

    kangy23 / May 01 2020 12.58

    That is very kind of you, thank you. I hope you are all right too.

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    LR1313 / May 01 2020 15.17

    Hey, don't worry. I'm sure you guys will figure something out. Let me know if you need to talk to someone

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    Temporary00440900 / Sep 24 2020 8.27

    hey everyone, I can completely relate with your issue just in a slightly different way. My mum and i relationship is really on and off, sometimes we have good days with no arguing, and other days she can get really- exuse the word- Psychotic on me and shout at me for the tiniest little things. for example a few days ago i brought my mascara into school and when i got home she grabbed it out of my pocket and started shouting at me, saying i was “irresponsible and shallow“. i get called those names just becuse i took a mascara to school? Also once when i added too much ketchup to my plate she grabbed my wrist, grabbed the ketchup bottle and threw it across the kitchen, breaking it. Moments like these happen almost everyday and im really getting tired of it, but if i try to talk to her about it, it will just turn into another argument and somehow be able to say its completely my fault. i dont know what to do anymore. Thanks


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