I need help.

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    FireGirlT / Mar 28 2020 19.10

    My sister is autistic like me, my brother and my mum. The difference with my sister S is that she is mute. We know that she chose this. I am really struggling to cope because since school has been closed i have had to support the family. I have to help mum and dad so that they don't divorce, I have to sort out my schoolwork, I have to make sure that S and my brother are ok with their work, I have to be SUPER cautious as not to anoy S and I gave to get all the usual things sorted. i also have to make sure mum and dad get their work done so they dont lose their job. i dont know what responses im after but im just a bit stuck.

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    noone321 / Apr 22 2020 17.28


    hope you are well

    sound like a lot of pressure is on ur shoulders

    I hope things get better but I'm sure they will

    all the best

    stay safe

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    QueenBibi / Jun 02 2020 9.46


    im sorry to hear about this but i hope your problem will be solved soon.i know how it can feel because i come from a big family and i always have to make sure everyones school work is done and that the house is tidy.

    try to do something you love in your free time.this can help ease pressure and help you to calm down.also try to be positive around your family as it can help them feel positve and that way you can be more relaxed.

    hope this helps.

    bianca x


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