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    Sophieisstressed / Feb 10 2020 22.53

    im concered about my futrue as i have dysleixa and ASD along with depression.

    i am seriosly struggling and just need advice on why whenever i think of my future i want to kill myself and how life will be a struggle when i grow up

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    Temporary54919940 / Feb 15 2020 12.39

    Hello, Sophie.

    As a young person myself who is also struggling with similar issues (depression, ptsd and a mild form of autism) I completely understand where you are coming from.

    I would advise to rekindle an interest that you had when you were younger. For example, when I was feeling awful in myself I went back to studying my long time passion as a child: Dinosaurs.

    We're all confused on what we want to be. We think to ourselves "Will I be happy with this job?" "Have I made a mistake?".
    You WILL find a job, I believe in you. :)

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    WarmMarchingPuma1810 / Jun 07 2022 23.49

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    LonelyUniverse579 / Jun 16 2022 9.34



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