Hola fellow humans

  1. Prisoner
    MeltyIceLolly / Dec 25 2019 21.21

    please post here if your also trapped by ur religion. a bit about me im 12 I use She,her pronouns and im bisexual and depressed or somerhing of the sort i wish you all a wonderful future and a nice day

  2. Loser
    59giraffe23 / Mar 04 2020 22.31

    It's like we're the same person! I am also 12, I'm also bi, I'm also female, I'm also half depressed and I also feel trapped by my religion. Or rather; I feel trapped by the fact that I have to be a Christian because that's what I was born into. I think I may be an atheist but my parents are very religious, so I will have to wait till I leave home.

    Elouise :) xx

  3. Outcast
    -Different- / Jul 15 2020 11.15

    Oh my goodness! Im also 12, and Bi, even tho my religion is against it. i am a muslim for those who want to know. i hope we can all get through any difficulty we're going through, have a good day!

  4. Fixer
    Lifelemon / Sep 04 2021 1.36

    All my non Islam friends keep on trying to make me eat bacon

    Back story I am a Pakistani immigrant where I was from we spoke hinkle in a village just so you know why I have non Islam friends


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