1. Sheep
    Shadow-SanHjonk / Dec 12 2019 21.45

    I recently saw a post that people killing other person, murdering them and I feel ver insecure about it and I’m worried I might be murdered or been kidnapped. I just don’t feel safe about in the UK and I live in Loughbrough and I just can’t stop thinking about it and wished if they had polices around me to feel a little bit secure.

  2. Childline Avatar
    Temporary91891112 / Dec 28 2019 0.01

    i wouldn't worry about getting kidnapped or murdered - it's very unlikely that either of those will happen. while such crimes have seemed to increase recently, and it can be quite unsettling, the numbers still aren't big compared to the 60 or so million people living in the UK.

    They being said, it is important to keep in mind that things do happen, to be careful around strangers and not to walk alone at night. I'm sure you're school will have told you about the rules when communicating with strangers.

    As for the shortage of police, without trying to get to political, i think it is a major issue and i worry the already too limited funding they get to protect us is only going to decrease over the next few years. it would be nice to see more officers simply out and about. these days you don't see much police unless there's already been a crime.

  3. Childline Avatar
    Joshdh / Jun 24 2020 23.18

    i have been worried too. right now its lockdown. there have been murders. i feel really insecure.. every night i close my windows.. i always think i might get murdered...


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