Boyfriend pressuring me to send nudes

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    moomoozoo / Dec 08 2019 21.35

    so i’ve been with my boyfriend for 6 months, but i’ve always told myself i’d never send nudes because the idea that someone else would have the photo and do whatever they want with it scares me like if we break up etc. i’ve explained this to him but whenever he asks me to and obviously i say no he gets so aggressive and mean and starts ignoring me and starts saying how it’s normal part of a relationship and i’m weird etc. it really is getting to me and i dont know what to do

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    sparkle-mermaid / Dec 12 2019 15.23

    he doesnt seem very nice and u might like him but if he doesnt care abt ur feelings especially regarding something so intimate u should break it off. dont let anyone pressure u into something u dont want to do. ur body ur choice


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