I don't have the confidence to talk to a school councellor

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    mrooloo / Dec 05 2019 23.12

    I'm doing my GCSEs in the summer and we currently have mocks, but I feel that I'm not doing my best because I'm not well mentally. I've never talked to anyone about my depression and it's eating away at me, and my mum is now saying that I don't try hard enough, but I am. It's just that my current best effort isn't as good as it would normally be. I'm extremely bad at talking about my feelings to people face to face and none of my friends take me seriously anyway as I'm the funny friend who's always cracking jokes. I need to talk to a school counsellor but I don't have the confidence to go and ask or to even talk to her about my problems because I'm scared that my parents will find out, even though I know it's 100% confidential because I'm paranoid. Any advice?

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    CheekyMonkey33 / Dec 07 2019 12.07

    I don't really have any advice but I just wanted to remind you that you are not alone.

    My GCSEs went really well for me but what got me through them was having some great teachers to talk to because I would almost always stress myself out over nothing. Just confirm with them that they would repeat anything you say before you start.

    I hope everything improves for you!

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    CheekyChops28 / Jan 08 2020 0.02

    I’m not really at the stage of doing my GCSE’s yet but I really struggle to get help a especially a couple of years back when i bottled everything up such as stress from school work, home life being stressful for my parents which I worried about cause they told me to much stuff for a child my age such as the amount of debt they were in and other things, my friends also had a lot of drama and kept falling out and being quite nasty to each other which I didn‘t like too much because of all this I lost out on sleep which also effected my school work as well continuing in an endless cycle that I couldn‘t get out of. They’re was just one day though that everything just ended up spilling out to my pastoral teacher ( a teacher that helps us through these kind of things) and she organised me to meet a bunch of school counsellors as well as talking to nurses about anxiety and depression and although everything isn‘t completely fixed I feel so much better and I don‘t regret a thing about going to talk to someone as I’ve seen changes in myself like looking forward to my day and being happier in general. The list of things are always there but I have people helping me through them and helping me see the bigger picture and not to let the bad things I can‘t control to impact on my mood and how I view life. So the advice I’d give you is just tell someone I know that‘s easier said than done especially being the jokey friend but I too am cracking up jokes as well and I managed to get things done for me. But talking to someone really does help even if you can’t tell them everything makes thing slightly easier knowing that you aren‘t alone. I really hope you get what the help that you want and remember the counsellors will never judge you. Hope for all the best. 😊


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