1. Childline Avatar
    Noxhkxnt / Dec 05 2019 20.14

    Lol who else wishes they could forget about their ex? and if you have please let me know how you have done so

  2. Sheep
    jellyfish33 / Dec 08 2019 22.32

    i went through a really tough time, i liked the boy for about 2 years , we was on and off all the time and it was really hard, but i got through it by moving on with others, but still had feelings for him deep down.

    a few months ago he said he still liked me and wanted to get back with me but i knew i couldnt be hurt again so i said no and it didnt go down well as i started to like his best mate and now me and his mate are together and hes with my mate, we are all happy and definetly on good terms , i hope this has helped , try move on til you find the right one , good luck x

  3. Artist
    professionalfangirll / Dec 08 2019 23.12

    hi there~~

    I think you should list out all of the bad things about them. This will make you feel less attracted to them as you were before.

    Also, you could try out new hobbies that you could put your mind to, it helps a lot (:

    Let me know how it goes,



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