I am so confused

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    Tinkerbellmimi / Dec 02 2019 19.44

    im trying to figure myself out i dont know if im lesbian bi or straight i have a crush on a boy and a girl but the girl isnt supportive what should i do ?

  2. Artist
    Niniwhit / Dec 02 2019 20.36

    i think i am bi too . also i have been in the exact same position pretty much. I liked the boy who bullied me and my anoying " best friend" a few people in my class found out i wss bi and they even got into an argument about it. then my teacher found out but thank god she didnt confrunt me. but prople weren't that supportive of me . so you just have to talk and confide in the ones that are.of course who am i to talk but it is the best thing to do as you will just be up set and become sad if you talk to the unsupportive people.

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    Temporary02298822 / Dec 05 2019 21.28

    hey, i think you shouldnt rush to lable yourself let it settle and follow your heart. you may be all of the things above or none. it really doest matter xxx dont panic weve all been there


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