I need advice asap!! Please

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    Alex-horsesxx / Dec 02 2019 13.15

    so basically im a girl and my best friend is a boy, our friendship started around 6/7 months ago and it started with us originally thinking we would be in a relationship together, as time went on we agreed we would be better as friends but over the past few months we have been secretly going to each others houses, we dont do anything sexual but we will cuddle and talk sexual, its hard to explain, but then he talks about all these different girls he likes but i think i might be catching feelings! is he just using me? or is it unharmful cuddling and stuff that usual friends would do? need advice

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    Temporary50899363 / Dec 02 2019 16.35

    you should haveĀ a conversation about it to him , its important you know your place in a friendship or relationship , so my advice would be to speak to him about how this is making you feel and go from there.

  3. Lion
    Colours-seem-so-bright / Dec 05 2019 18.35

    Oh My Days,I went through exactly the same thing.It is soooooo crazy when u have feelings for someone but they try to put on a cover.By what you are saying, you should defo speak to him.No one can blame u for catching feelings.If u originally were going to be together, what is stopping u?

    P.S.Good luck with whatever u do!I do not completely know the story but u will do the RIGHT thing for u



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