Terrorism, Crime, Plastic and Extinction

  1. Outcast
    Fr3dd13M3rcury / Dec 01 2019 9.46

    Hi. I worry about a lot of things. Normally, it's just about my Drama class, or going to crowded places. But recently, I've been watching the news and realising that it's like we can never be safe. I mean, is safety actually a thing?

    When the Manchester Attack happened I was due to go to a concert a couple of months after. I was in tears, and had to get taken to a, sort of, First Aid room, where they gave me earplugs and they just calmed me down. I thought that after this, I would be pretty chilled out in these situations. But no. A couple of years later, my school was taking us on a trip to see a play in London. Luckily, my teacher was very supportive, and swapped our tickets so I could sit next to my best friend. So after this, I'm going to be fine, right? Wrong.

    Even today, I read news articles and watch the TV about how the world is going to die in 2050, or how plastic is affecting climate change. I just constantly worry about dying. And I hate going to London, because that's where all the crime happens. And even the idea of going to America again makes me shiver. I mean, there allowed to have guns there!?

    Anyway, I'd just really appreciate it if you guys could reply with some suggestions, or if your in a similar situation, or just some supportive words. Thank you if your still reading,


  2. Bursting
    Missingfamily / Jan 30 2020 17.55

    I always worry. Mainly about my nanna dying. Now I worry if whe. I die I will still not see her. I understand how you feel



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