1. Childline Avatar
    love-hate690 / Nov 28 2019 11.19

    hi, i'm in year 12 and i took photography (big mistake) and tbh i hate it. i don't understand anything and i'm failing which isn't helping my anxiety. What should i do

  2. Spiralling
    jxmesr / Jan 21 2020 19.32

    Just try your hardest. There is nothing you can do now and hope for the best.

    Sorry to hear you don't enjoy it but if you try your best it will all work out.

    Just keep revising in little 20 minutes bursta and eventually the hard work will pay off.

    Trust me, it works.

    Hole it goes well,

    James 😀

  3. Childline Avatar
    victoriaaak / Jan 27 2020 23.29

    hi!! i do fine art and textiles in yr 12. honestly with coursework you need to get a few hours in the week where you finish all of it and you just focus on everything you have done and see how to improve it. i do a 4 hour block on a saturday to finish it all.


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