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    RoseTip / Nov 23 2019 21.27

    Hi! I am finding it really hard and stressful to do homeworks and revise for exams... does anyone have any tips? also any tips on how to pay attention in lessons? thank you

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    Lockstar / Nov 24 2019 22.35

    I'm sorry to hear that you're finding things a bit difficult, RoseTip.

    You still have plenty of time before the final exams, so make sure to pace yourself, over the Christmas holidays especially. Focus on using the homework given in class to revise with, with your revision being considered additional to the homework you complete. Putting lots of pressure on yourself to complete lots of revision will only make the sessions less effective and will tire you out. As long as you are completing all your homework, handing it in on time and doing looking over old topics across your subjects in 30-60 minute chunks when you get the chance, then you are doing absolutely fine at this stage .

    Remember that mock exams are not crucially important: Their main purpose is to ease you into the exam hall setting, improve your exam technique and know your individual strengths and weaknesses within each subject. Of course you want to try your best, but it's more important for you to put your own mental and physical health ahead of them. When you go over the mock exams in class to correct them, give yourself a pat on the back for the ones you got right and see where you might have missed out on some of your weaker questions.

    As you get closer to the exams, step up your revision to where you see fit. It may also be a good idea to ask your teachers about how much revision you should be doing per week for each subject. Once again, it's important that you don't tire yourself out or cause unnecessary stress. Just make sure that you are doing regular, effective revision in chunks for each subject. Consider your revision methods and try new ones out to see what suits you!

    I hope this helped. Please feel free to add anything or ask a question if you are unsure about something.

    Take care,



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