Question about the safety.

  1. Spiralling
    Yourfriendlygayidiot / Nov 21 2019 21.36

    Hi, I was just wondering out of curiosity that does adults pretend to be under 18 on this? I was juat wondering if it was possible adults could be on this pretending to be under 18 and look at are stuff and all that... Because it seems safe..

  2. Heart
    ApplePlum / Nov 25 2019 6.57

    I was thinking the exact same thing. I'm pretty sure anyone could pretend to be any age but I can't guarantee that. Maybe one of the childline workers can properly answer.

  3. Childline Avatar
    Donut-lover / Nov 30 2019 21.37

    hmmmmmm idk but if you create a account under 18 you can still look at it after theyre 18


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