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    eleven-eleven-wishes / Nov 14 2019 20.12

    it's just under a month until my 19th but i wanted to post this now.

    i want to say the biggest thank-you to every single volunteer who gives up their time to help us. childline has been my safe place for a long time so it's quite emotional to know i can't use the service anymore come here anymore soon. so many phone calls, 1-2-1 chats and emails i made yet i was always comforted, supported and truly listened to which i'm am beyond thankful for. i'm glad we still have access to our lockers and i have so many useful emails i like to look back and read to remind myself things.

    i hope to volunteer for childline myself one day to maybe give back some of the life saving support i received. i also want to go into child and/or mental health nursing at university next year because i so desperately want to help others too. of course i need to work on myself too but i have hope for the future.

    i've been trying to use other services to help with my own transition from childline which is why i haven't used it as much recently but it's still hard to see it go.

    i just can't express my gratitude enough. thank-you so, so much. i'm not very good with goodbyes, changes and when things come to an end but all i can say is thank-you.


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    Jas-Host / Nov 15 2019 17.56

    Hi eleven-eleven-wishes,

    A huge thank you back for writing this as it's lovely to read. Change can be really hard but it sounds like you've been looking at what's best for you and that can really help. And while it can be so hard, looking back and thinking of what it's been like for you and how far you've come can really mean so much. And to us too!

    Thanks is never needed but we do love to hear what it's been like and to not only see the what help and support you've had but to see how you are.

    Your future plans sound like the absolute right thing for you and we wish you everything you hope for!

    Take care,


  3. Sheep
    AsUniqueAsUknow / Dec 22 2019 20.15

    Hope you had an amazing birthday I'm glad childline helped you I know you can't reply to this but at least you can read best wishes for your adult hood love from Holly x

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    Purplesquidcat / Jan 02 2020 10.32



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