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    Harry-unknown / Oct 21 2019 16.02

    ive been in a long distance relationship for about 5 months and its fallen to pieces and a few days ago my sister brings home one of her friends and i really like her she is 14 tho and im 17 we bonded straight away i dont want a sexual relationship or any of that i just want to take her to the movies and stuff like that what should i do?

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    PickingUpPieces / Oct 21 2019 19.05

    Hi there Harry-unknown,

    This sounds like a tricky situation to be in. Long-distance relationships can be really hard, and sometimes, like any type of relationship, they just won't work out, and that can be hard too. Communication is very important, even more so in long-distance. Do you think talking to your partner might help? Talking to the girl you met about this might help too, perhaps, if you'd feel comfortable doing so?

    I'm sure you could take her to the movies and stuff as friends, but I feel that that's either not really what you're looking for, or don't feel comfortable doing that while you're in a relationship. What do you think?

    I apologise that I don't feel I've been much help here, please let me know what I've missed.

    Take care, and best of luck working this out!


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