1. Athlete
    launcelot / Oct 21 2019 3.15

    Brexit- trick or treat

    What do you think?

  2. Scientist
    CoconutChoc / Oct 22 2019 1.42

    Trick. In my opinion if we leave everything is going to go downhill and get more expensive.

  3. Athlete
    launcelot / Oct 29 2019 3.29

    The worst part is not knowing their discussions. What they are saying on the news is vague in my opinion. I also believe the news can be misleading and cause problems sometimes.

    Brexit delayed again. What a surprize?

  4. Superstar
    Purplesquidcat / Dec 28 2019 10.27

    trick! everything is going to get much worse if we leave the EU!

  5. Scientist
    Ecreasion / Dec 29 2019 9.35

    Scotland will end up leaving the UK if we leave the EU 😭😭😭😭

  6. Childline Avatar
    howaretigers123 / Mar 31 2020 14.44

    don't talk about brexit i hate it it is stupid


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