Poem about depression

  1. Spiralling
    WavingThroughTheWindow / Oct 19 2019 17.46

    The deep abyss of darkness,   Prison chains attached,   Soul Bathed in Starkness,   My arms cut and scratched.

    All alone in a crowded room,   Overwhelmed by the noise.   Suffocating in the womb,   The fragile eunoia destroyed.

    Inky Smudges of black.   The stroke of the reapers hand.   The demons smile for attack.   It seems All hope is banned.

    Temptation : it beckons,   We’re Stuck in a loop,   I’m the worst weapon,   My will to live begins droop,

    Loathing the reality   A seed of doubt in my mind   The contradictory agree   A lost girl’s love I can’t find

    You leave me vulnerable and weak   Shivering in the night   Numbness reaching it’s peak   Paralysed by fright

    Again and again I cry   Please just hold my hand   I can’t do it :123 tries   I fall again but I will stand

  2. Spiralling
    WavingThroughTheWindow / Oct 20 2019 9.13

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